Remote Viewing Private Class (skype/facetime/other)


You will be amazed at your own ability to remote view – most people are!

We all have the ability to do this – each and every one of us – to some degree.

Get ready to learn the basic skills of remote viewing!

The structure you will learn in this class is easy to follow.  It is designed to move you quickly into practice and testing your natural gifts and skills.

In this 2 hour private class you will learn:

  • Best practices in conducting a remote viewing session
  • Decoding ideograms
  • Drawing the Scene
  • Entering the Matrix
  • Filtering out the AOL
  • Tools to Enhance Ability
  • Opportunities to Practice
  • Test Your Growth

After completing the class, you will be able to conduct your own remote viewing session!

You will also receive:

  • A manual
  • 5 emails containing additional practice and testing opportunities

Since the class is private, we can move at your pace and you will have the ability to ask as many questions as you’d like.  We can even divide the time into two separate classes, if that is easier for you.

After you purchase the class, Jenny will contact you via email to schedule your session at a mutually agreed upon time.  The session will be held via skype/facetime.  If you have any questions, you can contact Jenny at

The class is taught by Jenny Kilgen.  Jenny is a Reiki Master/Teacher, Intuitive Empath, Practitioner of Archangelic Divine Light, Oracle Reader and Remote Viewer.  She is a 6th generation intuitive and have been developing and sharing her abilities for over 25 years.  She has a passion for teaching metaphysics and enjoys helping her clients.  She created My Hidden Gift to share spiritual information in a fun, interactive, and engaging way.



Remote viewing is to perceive something unseen using your extra sensory abilities, regardless of time and space, by accessing information stored in your unconscious mind.

Let’s get a little technical.  The collective unconscious, also known as the Matrix, is where all information in the Universe is stored.  Hold on – stay with me on this.  According to Carl Jung, the collective unconscious refers to the unconscious mind shared among all beings of the same species.  This part of your mind has access to all information past, present and future.

Once you awaken your unconscious mind, it is able to dump this information into your conscious mind, bit by bit, and you can retrieve it and record it from there.  You can never retrieve information directly from your unconscious mind.  It must be transferred to your conscious mind first.



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