About Us


The mission of “My Hidden Gift” is to help people discover and enhance their underlying intuitive abilities, which we all have, by teaching skills to our customers in fun and interesting ways while providing them with beautiful products and tools to support their growth.

Once a skill is learned, we help our customers practice by providing more learning activities via our “My Hidden Gift” facebook page.

Consultants in the field of metaphysics are utilized when creating gift boxes, to bring customers a unique, fun and authentic learning experience.

** Other services provided by our team are listed below, and in our Shop.   



Jenny is a Reiki Master/Teacher, Intuitive Empath, Practitioner of Archangelic Divine Light, Oracle Reader and Remote Viewer.  She is a 6th generation intuitive and have been developing and sharing her abilities for over 25 years.  She has a passion for teaching metaphysics and enjoys helping her clients.  She created this business to share spiritual information in a fun, interactive, and engaging way.

Jenny first began seeing and sensing spirits in her early childhood and has been honing her empathic abilities ever since through her work with her guides and helping others seeking clarity. 

Jenny later became aware that she had a hidden gift for energy healing and began her work with Reiki and other energy modules in 2010.   

** Jenny provides private instruction in Remote Viewing, spiritual counseling, Lenormand card readings, Reiki energy healing sessions and classes.


Susan F. (New York)

Psychic/Spiritual Advisor

** provides tarot card readings and spiritual counseling

Joan K (Florida)

Astrologer/Author/Spiritual Advisor

** provides astrological counseling services