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Psychic Spies Employed by U.S. Government. Wait… What?

That’s right – for nearly 20 years.

A top secret American military unit established by the Defense Intelligence Agency and SRI International in 1978 was tasked to spy – psychically, that is – on our enemies foreign and domestic.

 It was called “The Stargate Project”.   And it was all declassified by President Clinton, after the unit disbanded in 1995.

Tasked with investigating the potential of psychic phenomena in military applications, a group of people were engaged in remote viewing and over the years a structured procedure was created. 

Remote viewing is still utilized by the Russian and Chinese governments, if not others.   Though the CIA deemed the unit unsuccessful, which led to its demise, other countries seem to have experienced greater success.

Why? Perhaps the U.S. government didn’t staff the unit with the best of the best, but rather the best that they had. It seems the unit consisted of mainly men. Research performed by the International Remote Viewing Association found that women over 50 demonstrate the highest accuracy and ability.

After women over 50, the next most accurate group is gay men of any age, followed by all other women, and then all heterosexual men of any age.   It could be that due to the secrecy of the project, the government was unable to cast a wide net or look outside their trusted sources to engage people who are uniquely gifted in this area.

Though it is a shame the unit disbanded, thankfully, the procedure they developed has since been brought to the public sector by some of its members. It would have been a loss if all of the knowledge and insight gained by the research and work conducted by this unit fell away.

So, what is remote viewing? It is to perceive something unseen using your extra sensory abilities, regardless of time and space, by accessing information stored in your unconscious mind.

Let’s get a little technical.  The collective unconscious, also known as the Matrix, is where all information in the Universe is stored.  Hold on – stay with me on this. 

According to Carl Jung, the collective unconscious refers to the unconscious mind shared among all beings of the same species.  This part of your mind has access to all information past, present and future. 

Once you awaken your unconscious mind, it is able to dump this information into your conscious mind, bit by bit, and you can retrieve it and record it from there.  You can never retrieve information directly from your unconscious mind.  It must be transferred to your conscious mind first.

That’s the theory, in a nutshell.  Easy enough, right? 

There is a skill to transferring information from the unconscious mind to the conscious mind – and you can learn how to do it quite effectively.  It’s also an amazing natural gift that is drastically underutilized if not dormant in modern society, but at one time, was a common part of human communication.

Remote viewers should not know anything about their target, if possible.  Nothing at all, not subject matter or anything.  The job of a remote viewer is to collect information.  They report data.  Though they will attempt to guess the target, the most important element of the work is getting the right descriptive words on paper.  The guess could be wrong, because it comes from the logical mind.  The data should be correct because it comes from the unconscious mind. 

It’s fascinating work.

 I hope a similar unit as the Stargate Project is currently being utilized by the government in secret, but if not, there is certainly potential it could be again.  Perhaps when people are more open minded, or when more psychics demonstrate its effectiveness in their private work.

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