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QUIZ: Everyday Signs You Are Psychic

Psychic experiences are common, but unfortunately, they are also commonly dismissed.

When we experience something odd or out of the ordinary, our natural inclination is to dismiss the event as a coincidence or a mere trick of the eye, or slip of the tongue. Sadly, in doing so we lose an opportunity to recognize and develop a natural talent and ability we possess that could greatly enhance our lives.

Rare are the psychics who have dramatic and clear experiences such as seeing a full bodied apparition in broad daylight that communicates with ease and sticks around long enough to allow the psychic to compose themselves, assess the situation and interact.

Our world, filled with technological distractions and everyday stresses, is not an environment conducive with allowing our third eye to develop and receive all the information that is being psychically transmitted to us. As such, we tend to receive psychic messages in smaller less obvious ways, but no less credible.

If you have experienced any of the following, you have more than likely had a psychic experience and would do well to consider developing these natural talents and strengths you possess.

Have you ever:

  • Called someone you love by a different name that holds no significance to you. PSYCHIC SKILL: CLAIRCOGNIZANCE (evidence of past life recall)
  • Heard someone call your name when no one is around. PSYCHIC SKILL: CLAIRAUDIENCE
  • Occasionally seen shadows out of the corner of your eye for no medical reason. PSYCHIC SKILL: CLAIRVOYANCE
  • Heard about someone suffering from the stomach flu, and immediately felt nauseous. PSYCHIC SKILL: PHYSICAL EMPATH
  • Thought about someone and then suddenly that person calls or texts you. PSYCHIC SKILL: TELEPATHY
  • Been driving in your car and for no reason felt compelled to pay great attention to your surroundings, or take a turn you didn’t originally intend. PSYCHIC SKILL: CLAIRCOGNIZANCE (you received a warning)
  • Walked into a room or home and felt “the creeps” and wanted to leave immediately. PSYCHIC SKILL: CLAIRSENTIENCE
  • When faced with an option of turning right or turning left, you commonly pick the correct direction. PSYCHIC SKILL: ESP
  • Cried or became emotionally overwhelmed when you were in a hospital, animal shelter, or around a stranger who was sad. PSYCHIC SKILL: EMOTIONAL EMPATH
  • Perceived a scent that reminded you of a dearly departed loved one or pet. PSYCHIC SKILL: CLAIROLFACTION
  • Instinctively known what someone else was thinking or feeling. PSYCHIC SKILL: INTUITION

If you answered yes to more than one of these questions, you have psychic abilities.

If you answered yes to 4 or more questions, you are acutely open to receiving information and have the potential of great psychic ability, should you choose to develop your natural gifts.

We are born with senses and each sense brings us information of some kind that enhances our lives. To neglect a natural sense is to rob yourself of knowledge available to you. To completely dismiss or disbelieve in a sense you possess, such as your 6th sense/psychic ability, and label it as “scientifically unfounded” when in fact you have perceived it in different ways throughout your life, is to lose faith in yourself.

Learning to trust your intuition and actively develop your 6th sense is worth the investment of your time. You will be opening and enhancing a natural line of communication that could quite literally change your life.

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