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How Psychics Navigate a Fluid Future



No… and yes.


Many psychics believe certain events are set and unchangeable, like the date of your birth and the date and circumstances of your death, but generally believe the future is fluid and moving and therefore subject to change.


We all have free will on earth and as such can greatly influence our destiny, for the good and the bad.


There are certain experiences, lessons and growth opportunities that each of us has chosen for our lifetime.  We seek to experience certain things in order to grow and develop as compassionate, wise souls.  We seek to serve each other and work toward a common good.


For these reasons there are some life events that are predestined and unavoidable while some events or goals can move in time.


For instance, if it is part of your soul’s work to experience overcoming addiction, you will experience addiction.  This much you can be sure of.  Overcoming the addiction, however, is a much more difficult task and greatly affected by our free will and how others utilize their free will around us.  Therefore, the date you reach your goal is fluid.


You will fulfill your destiny, because you chose to, but when exactly – that is unknown.  It could be in 5 days, 5 years, or even 5 lifetimes.


All is understood.  We are here to learn and develop.  Growth and change comes when it comes.  We all hope to do the best we can for ourselves and for others during our lives, but the world holds both positive and negative vibrations –  we will experience support and resistance.


So how do psychics navigate a fluid future when giving a reading?


With transparency.


The majority of psychics know that it is important to always be mindful of free will and relay its meaning and effect to their clients. 


A good psychic will manage their client’s expectations.


People tend to ask psychics questions like “will I find the love of my life and get married this year?”  Psychics can see the likelihood and the flow of energy – but the exact date?  Probably not.   A good psychic will inform their client of likely outcomes, and not certainties.


Given free will, there will always be a chance of change or delay.  This is especially true when predicting the far future, as opposed to the near future – the closer we are to an event, the less interference is likely.


The good news about free will is that if a psychic can sense a negative event headed your way, such as a bad relationship, a dishonest friend, or an unwanted occurrence, a warning can be issued, behavior can be changed and certain events avoided.


Although we might love the idea of booking an appointment with a psychic and be handed a nice laminated brochure of all that lies ahead for us, that’s not quite what we signed up for, when we signed up for an earthly life.


Ask a psychic about your soul’s purpose in this lifetime.  


Ask about your strengths and where your energies are best focused.


Ask about who you are here to influence and what your special gifts are.


Ask general questions about your future, without unrealistic expectations.


And ask how best to navigate your fluid future – and make it an amazing one.




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