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The Psychic Neglect

Any type of neglect, causes loss.

If we neglect our bodies, we lose our good health.  If we neglect our mind, we lose our intellectual sharpness.  And if we neglect our intuition, we lose our capacity to perceive.

As a society, we have been collectively neglecting our intuition (also known as psychic ability) for centuries.

Intuition is a natural gift given to us at birth because at a time, it was necessary for our survival.  It was used as a form of communication and provided us with necessary information.

Intuition alerted us of danger we couldn’t physically see, but somehow knew existed.  We knew not to go to a certain place, or build our homes in a certain area.  We could transmit our thoughts to one another.  We somehow knew someone was in trouble and needed our help.  We just knew – the same way a spider just knows how to build a complex web.

But as our world grew more physically advanced, and we began instituting technology and complex industrial infrastructures, we no longer needed intuition for our survival, and we began relying more heavily on what we could see, hear and touch, rather than what we could perceive.

Simply put, we shifted.

And now, here we are – laughing at psychics, insisting they offer tangible proof of their abilities.  Dismissing all energy work as ridiculous, demanding unrealistic results.  Marveling at cats and dogs for sensing earthquakes just before they strike.

Intuition is rooted in energy and offers no physical, scientific proof of its existence, and so it is easily dismissed in a world as “advanced” as ours.

We are apparently content to lose a very important and valuable natural gift.

And that’s more than a shame, it’s a disservice to ourselves and others.

Luckily, whether you can perceive your psychic abilities or not, they are still a part of you – they are a part of all animals.  Nourish them, and they will sprout and grow.  It’s all up to you.

Just like any other muscle or ability we possess, practice and exercise will strengthen it.

It’s true that some people are born with stronger psychic abilities than others.  Some of us are born empaths – some are born mediums – some are born healers –  some can hear things, we can’t understand – some can see, smell or sense things that confuse us – some have stronger natural psychic abilities than others, just as some of us are more athletic or intellectually inclined.

But make no mistake, we all have psychic abilities.  It’s a natural gift –  just often hidden.

If we take the time to nourish our intuition, our society will benefit greatly.  Missing people are far more likely to be found.  Sickness is far more likely to be detected earlier and healed.  We will be able to transmit thoughts and access information stored in any location.

We will instinctively make better decisions in ours lives that will benefit not only ourselves, but also our loved ones.

Doesn’t this sound like an ability worth cultivating?

There are psychic groups, stores and resources available to us.  We can learn, grow and bring our intuition back to the forefront.

We can shift again.

And this time, we can shift to incorporate instead of shift to dismiss.  We can have it all – technology, science and psychic abilities all existing together as arms of a whole.

But even if “we” don’t –

YOU can.


My Hidden Gift –

At My Hidden Gift, we help people develop their psychic abilities in fun and interesting ways, while providing them with metaphysical tools to support and enhance their growth.

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